Elvin Hoxha Ganiyev is a solo concert violinist performing with the greatest orchestras and top conductors around the world. His repertoire includes virtuoso and solo violin pieces, concertos for violin and orchestra, and sonatas for violin and piano.

He is the recipient of the 2019 IKSV Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation Aydin Gun Encouragement Award.

“Truly impressed by his tremendous talent.”


“He is playing with a variety of colours in his sound and with an expression that touches every audience.”

Zakhar BRON


Brahms Concerto in D Major

İzmir Devlet Senfoni Orkestrası


Conductor | Şef: İbrahim Yazıcı

Violin | Keman: Elvin Hoca Ganiyev “keman”

Şef: İbrahim Yazıcı

Solist: Elvin Hoca Ganiyev “keman”

Jamal Aliyev “viyolonsel”

Program: J. Brahms / İkili konçerto

L. van Beethoven / Senfoni No.4


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Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall

Elvin Hoxha Ganiyev, violin

Conductor: Cem Mansur

Cemal Reşit Rey Symphony Orchestra


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Elvin  Hoxha Ganiyev, violin

Hannover, Germany


Elvin  Hoxha Ganiyev, violin

Cem Babacan, piano

Erimtan Museum Ankara, Turkey


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Elvin  Hoxha Ganiyev, violin

Vassilis Varvaresos, piano


Bodrum Music Festival |Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey

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Elvin Hoxha Ganiyev